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    Differences and Similarities Between Dissertation and Thesis

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    dissertation vs thesis

    Comprehensive papers are required to graduate when you study in graduate school when you are perusing your master’s or doctoral degree you have to work on different projects and the projects are dissertation vs thesis. When you complete a graduate degree program, you have to produce a research and writing project. That research and writing project is the thesis in the master’s program and dissertation and doctoral program. Many people are confused between these two as there are a few major differences and similarities between them and important to know the difference between a thesis vs dissertation.

    What is a Thesis?

    It’s a type of academic paper completed by the students who are perusing a Master’s degree program. You have to complete the thesis as a project for graduation. Some colleges and universities also require students to write an undergraduate thesis but that thesis is shorter in length.

    Those students who write a thesis have to select some topic of interest related to their field. The thesis starts with huge research on that particular topic and has to develop the academic argument and use the research to prove your statement.


    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Table of contents
    • Table of figures/maps
    • Body
    • Conclusion

    What is a Dissertation?

    After evaluating the existing research, students who are working on a doctoral dissertation conduct their actual research. A dissertation's primary objective is to not only show a student's skills and abilities but also to contribute to the existing knowledge in their profession.

    Students have to come up with a new theory in their field or show some research to refute an earlier presented theory as well as they have to take established research in a new direction.

    Generally, students have to complete their qualifying exams and then write a dissertation but in some institutions dissertation is a part of the coursework.


    • Title page
    • Acknowledgements
    • Abstract
    • Table of contents
    • Introduction
    • Literature review and theoretical framework
    • Methodology
    • Findings
    • Discussion of findings
    • Conclusion
    • Reference list
    • Appendices

    What is the Purpose of Writing a Thesis and Dissertation?

    Both thesis and dissertation help students to show their ability to critical thinking, express their views and present their work in front of their department and committee. The main objective of writing a thesis or dissertation is proof that one understands the subject completely and mastered the subject.

    Dissertation Vs Thesis (Difference)

    • The main difference between a dissertation and a thesis is the degree program, students who are pursuing a master’s degree will go for a thesis and those who are pursuing a doctoral degree will write a dissertation.

    • Dissertation requires oral justification whereas thesis doesn’t, when students submit their dissertation project to the committee they have to appear for the oral presentation, the committee members ask questions and pose challenges.

    • Thesis is shorter than dissertation, the thesis can lie between 40 to 80 pages, and sometimes it may vary from one-degree program to another whereas the dissertation ends in between 100 to 300 pages.

    Structural Differences

    • A thesis consists of 100 pages of work at least
    • Dissertation is lengthy
    • A thesis extends upon and examines existing research
    • The student is usually credited as the author of a dissertation's content.

    Location Differences

    • USA

    In USA Master's students write the thesis, while Ph.D. candidates write the dissertation.


    The difference between a thesis and a dissertation becomes blurrier in Europe. This is because some Ph.D. programs require students to complete a doctoral thesis to graduate.

    Dissertation Thesis Vs (Similarities) 

    Even with the differences, there are some similarities between the thesis vs dissertation.

    • Academic arguments defense
    • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning
    • Extreme knowledge of the subject
    • A good amount of time is needed.
    • A commitment to revise and edit your work in response to feedback from professors, peers, or committee members

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    Bottom Line

    No matter where and when you complete your degree, you have to complete your thesis or dissertation. The main difference between both of them is the degree you are perusing.

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